Airspace Industry: A new industrial reference in Eastern Europe, equipped with ELBA’s top LED products

The Aerospace industry is one of the areas that Europe must sustain in its approach to enhance the competitiveness of industrial production compared to the worldwide benchmark.


Some of the important features of this type of industry are determined by a high technological level, exceptional quality standards with 0 tolerance at finished product level and, not least, the significant development costs.

Initially, the beneficiary of this investment designed the project equipped with conventional lighting sources.

For this project, that we consider as a reference for Eastern Europe, Elba’s team of experts proposed to the beneficiary of the investment a modern approach based on the latest LED technology, thus promoting a very high level of illumination (700 lux) and minimum impairment of the flow time (approx. 7% to 12 years).

After carrying out the lighting study, ELBA has provided a complete solution which fundamentally changes how employees can benefit from the highest lighting quality, with a maximum efficiency, daylight colour temperature and positive environmental impact.

Being able to comply within the forecasted project budget, the products offered by ELBA’s team of experts were exclusively based on LED technology and include the following:

  • PREMIUM LUX LED (60, 30, 20 and 12 LED) – accounting for 90% (molding halls, extrusion, assembly, etc.);
  • FIPAD LED – workshops and other ancillary areas;
  • LINETA NOVA LED – Mezzanine attached halls;
  • PSFL – administrative headquarters – reception area and control area;
  • FIDI 02 CRISTAL LED – light curtain in the administrative headquarters;
  • PANLED – offices;
  • MATRIX and DELFIN LED – external (access road, perimeter fence, storage, etc.).

Through the reliability of the offered solution, ELBA has succeeded in demonstrating a strong ROI powered by light quality, energy savings, maintenance costs, high endurance and controllability and last, but not least, a flexible and attractive design enabling easy mounting.


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