Automotive and urban lighting – current and future opportunities

Let’s mark the anniversary of a prominent academic institution from Romania!


To celebrate the 95th anniversary of Polytechnic University of Timisoara, during the International Year of Light, experts from automotive and urban lighting fields will give honorary lectures on the current and future trends in the industry.

The automotive lighting industry is well known for continuous transformation, fuelled by technical and legal requirements such as energy consumption reduction, heightened design expectations for unique visual identity differentiations and the fundamental concern to continuously improve the safety of night driving.

The urban lighting lectures will focus on the latest applications and products developed for intelligent lighting, as well as the significant energy reductions that can result through the implementation of these new advanced technologies.

The lectures will be hosted by well-known experts in the industry: D. Eng. Christian von Albrichsfeld (Continental); D. Eng. Viorel Barb (ELBA); D. Eng. Ioan Paut (ELBA); Eng. Ciprian Rugea (ELBA); Eng. Vlad Stanciu (ROSENC); Eng. Patricia Danciu (ROSENC)

The conference will be chaired by Eng. Bogdan Cocian.


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