Case study – Energy efficient warehouse lighting

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A large, busy warehouse facility in the North of the Netherlands initiated a project to reduce electricity costs and assess an efficient lighting solution.

The key objective was to reduce energy consumption costs, optimize light output, extend the fixture’s lifespan, and to thereby reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

The warehouse was equipped with a conventional lighting system comprised of 200 fluorescent tube fixtures (2 x 58W tubes per fixture), which were operating 12 h/day, 3120 h/year. The electricity price was 0.15 € /kWh.


400 x 58W T8 fluorescent tubes with a 70W power consumption for the 200 fixtures

Energy price per year per tube: €32,76 (218,40 kWh)

Total energy consumption costs/per year: €13.104, (87.360,00 kWh)

Maintenance & replacement costs/per year: €3000


Elba assessed the situation and proposed an optimized solution focused on increasing energy efficiency. The old, conventional lighting system was to be replaced by a new, modern lighting system built with a high performance product – FIPAD 05 LED. This durable product offers a high degree of protection, IP 65, combined with excellent efficiency performance (92lm/W). Their neutral light colour (4000 K) creates a pleasant, homogeneous illumination; the luminaires also have a long service life, produce colour-stable light, and are maintenance free and dimmable (on request).


Acquisition costs: €23.000

200 x 54W FIPAD 05, IP65 LED Fixtures

Price per year per fixture: €12,64 (84,24 kWh)

Total consumption: €5.054,40 (33.696,00 kWh)


After installing the new luminaires, the energy costs decreased significantly by more than 61%, while also cutting maintenance costs to almost 0 €/year. This helped reduce the carbon footprint and improving the overall efficiency of the business.


The client paid for the new fixtures 23.000 €, which will pay off in only two and a half years, while the average lifespan of the luminaire exceeds 5 years of functioning.

  • Savings per year: €8050 (53.664,00 kWh)
  • Acquisition costs: €23.000
  • Maintenance & replacement costs old situation: €3000

€23000 – €3000 = €20000

€20000 / €8050 = 2.5 years payback period

These positive results, were reached by leveraging ELBA’s LED luminaires, which deliver great efficiency and flawless light distribution.

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