25 nov. 2020
Love the Light, but respect the night

Love the Light, but respect the night Look at the sky at night and what do you see? Not much probably. Since the light bulb’s invention 150 years ago, artificial lighting has inevitably entered our lives and it is here to stay, and, while it brings numerous benefits, there is also the other side of

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05 ian. 2020
From January 1st, ELBA produces exclusively LED-based products for Industrial and Outdoor Lighting

Being environmentally conscious has progressed from simply being an idea to a way of life not just for individuals, but also for businesses looking to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and converge towards the EU commitments.  Nowadays we are aware of the seriousness of matters like pollution, recycling and we are consciously trying to protect

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23 iun. 2017

The ongoing developments in LED technology have opened the door for intelligent lighting. Since light-emitting diodes are semiconductors and also part of the digital spectrum, they can easily be connected within a network. Aware of the possibilities, manufacturers and vendors are keen on attaching lighting technology to the web, in more ways than one. Apps

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04 mai 2016
Airspace Industry: A new industrial reference in Eastern Europe, equipped with ELBA’s top LED products

Some of the important features of this type of industry are determined by a high technological level, exceptional quality standards with 0 tolerance at finished product level and, not least, the significant development costs. Initially, the beneficiary of this investment designed the project equipped with conventional lighting sources. For this project, that we consider as

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25 ian. 2016

Discover ELBA at the most important trade fair in the world for lighting products and technology.

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11 nov. 2015
Automotive and urban lighting – current and future opportunities

Let’s mark the anniversary of a prominent academic institution from Romania!

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18 sept. 2015
ELBA Automotive, trusted partner for global car manufacturers.

ELBA Automotive continues to grow the partnership of over 10 years with the largest car manufacturer in Romania, DACIA/RENAULT.

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16 iul. 2015
ELBA Automotive delivers innovation and high performance for global car manufacturers

2014 and the first half of 2015 saw a rapid acceleration of technological progress at ELBA Automotive to increase the level of innovation and quality for clients. This helps to consolidate its position as a multilaterally developed, regional supplier. The successful partnership with SKODA, member of the prominent Volkswagen Group with a brand presence in

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17 dec. 2014
Elba and Cree LEDs teamed up to lighten up the lives of Timisoara inhabitants

Together with partner Cree, Elba provides the know-how and the LEDs for a new illumination system of the impressing Romanian National Opera

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