The accent is set on quality, social responsibility and protection of the environment

To fulfill its mission, ELBA relies on the professionalism of its employees and the integration of latest technologies. At the same time, it follows all regulations regarding lighting production and the safety of the environment.

Politica de calitate si mediu ELBA

Quality policy

The quality of our products and services is ensured by the Quality and Environmental Integrated Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, respectively ISO/TS 16949, for the automotive production. The quality policy was developed to mobilize the entire personnel to paying maximum attention to the products and services they deliver.

The main objective of ELBA is to deliver products and services that will satisfy the clients’ needs in accordance with the legislation and regulations, in order to obtain and maintain a good reputation of economic efficiency and profit on the market.

Orientation towards the client, active involvement of the personnel, process-based approach, the increase of the company’s prestige, continuous improvement of the processes, products and quality management system stand among the principles of this policy. Moreover, maintaining a continuous level of training among our entire personnel represents an important aspect of our activity.

Social responsibility policy

The purpose of ELBA’s social responsibility policy is to ensure the respect of the fundamental human rights (as they appear in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Labor Code) and the acknowledgement of the social responsibility principles by the management, employees and collaborators.

The main objectives for this purpose are:

Lasting development and sustainability

ELBA products  are designed to use modern and economical sources of light, which are as well non-pollutant or slightly pollutant, and efficient when it comes to the performance/intake ratio. We are continuously focusing on thinking and acting for the environment, offering our clients solutions that can enable them to take the right and environment-friendly decisions.

Through investments in construction works, environmental issues, technologies, the organisation of the production flux and working conditions, we managed to produce automotive products for some of the major companies from the auto industry and we hope to ascend further on the hierarchy of the auto parts and lighting devices market. Besides the social component regarding the working conditions, the shareholders want that the good results reflect in a reward system for their employees. Thus, through wage raises, we hold a positive contribution to the life of the community, actively participating at finding answers to present society’s problems.

Environmental policy

The obtained certificates regarding quality and environmental management, as well as green light concept, reflect the vision of our company. ELBA products are designed to use modern and economical light sources, which are as well non-pollutant or slightly pollutant, and efficient when it comes to the performance/intake ratio.

ELBA concentrates its efforts and resources to the benefit of its clients and the environment, paying special attention to developing a healthy environment (with particulate matter below the standard limit, climatic chambers etc). For this purpose, ELBA appointed a special department which is directly responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the quality-environment integrate management system, through the following activities:


ELBA considers occupational health and security part of the activities which contribute directly or indirectly to the production process. These imply:

The occupational security and health system is certified according to OHSAS 18001.


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