Complex industry. Effective operations.

ELBA’s operational structure is aligned to the highest standards in the lighting industry.

To address the complexities of lighting industry ELBA operates 4 major divisions. MOLDING, LIGHTING, AUTOMOTIVE and LABORATORIES. This structure allows ELBA to develop and manufacture specialized lighting products for all key areas. The end-to-end approach is the result of having all the required services and facilities in-house. The presence of MOLDING and LABORATORIES divisions on site puts ELBA in a very exclusive group of companies which can afford this type of operational flexibility.

ELBA Automotive

The Automotive Factory develops and manufactures innovative lighting products and parts for the automotive industry.

ELBA Lighting

The Lighting Factory designs and manufactures professional luminaires for all applications areas.

ELBA Molding

The SDV Factory provides molds, tools, matrices and other devices for ELBA’s production workshops, as well as for national and international clients.

ELBA Laboratories

Accredited laboratories – for photometrical, electromechanical, chemical and metrological validations – approved by the Romanian Accreditation Association.


135 Paul Morand, Freidorf Industrial Park Timișoara, Timiș, Romania

Telephone +40 356 443 902