Comprehensive portfolio. High quality products.

The product portfolio includes over 400 base products with 1500 variations, all homologated in accordance with the national and international reference standards.

corpuri de iluminat pentru interior produse de ELBA

The period during 1990 to 2005 was characterised by constant investment programmes destined to the modernisation of the lighting technologies. The technologies used and the quality of the materials and components supplied by major electrical producers enables us to offer 3 year warranty for all products.
The factory has its own research and development department where all the activities concerning the product design take place. The latest software programmes for 2D and 3D, such as Creo Parametric and AutoCad are used here. All the activities are carried out in accordance with the new European standards and regulations.

Research and development

Innovation is the foundation of all research processes and activities. The products are created within our own design and development department, following the APQP procedures for project management. The experience of the employees and the technology are constantly improved through training sessions dedicated to the latest tendencies and technologies from the light industry. We use modern informational and technological systems adapted for every activity.

Software and IT tools:


Development capabilities and orientations:

Production and technology

By implementing modern technologies, ELBA managed to set a high standard for product quality, to accelerate and optimise the production processes, which led to a very competitive market positioning. The company has the capacity and methods to sustain the whole production process, from raw materials to the final product.

Production capacities:

ELBA Lighting production activities:

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