Efficient processes and modern technologies for excellent results

The vast experience of the team along with modern equipment results in great products at optimal costs.

Matrite de injectat mase plastice realizate de ELBAThe SDV Factory manufactures molds, tools, matrices and other devices for internal needs as well as for national and international clients.

The factory has its own research and development department, where new products are designed with computer aided design (CAD). Together with the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), it ensures that we always have low costs and high performance for concept product designs.

Our design and production services for matrix and moulding injections designed especially for automotive light products are contracted by well known companies, such as Renault, Valeo, Skoda and Hella.

Design lighting and necessary SDV is performed entirely on graphics and computer rooms using specific software like AutoCAD, ProE and Cimatron. Thanks to fine-tuned CAD-CAM, we can achieve highly complex active surfaces: high competence level in the volume and aspect polishing.

The Factory uses high quality materials such as steel imported from Bohler and standardised elements from specialised companies, such as Hasco, Rabourdin or DME.

The matrices are tested in normal functioning mode, optimising the flow parameters, form and dimensions, as well as the injection cycle. Upon the client’s request, pre-series can be made as well.


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