The most important milestones in ELBA’s evolution

Here we present an overview of the major events that lie at the basis and led to the consolidation of ELBA.

In 1884, Timișoara became the first city in Europe with electric public lighting. It is not a coincidence that the first company that produces lighting products came into being in this city and continued to be a benchmark for the Romanian companies with tradition. All the transformations that ELBA went through were determined by objective conditions – the economic crisis, war, technological evolution, the development and complexity of the market demands.

The foundation of DURA company

DURA had as its main activity the production of parts for lighting devices. This company constituted the starting point of what is known today as ELBA.

The foundation of “Rudolf Kissling and Son”

In 1923, another company was born, whose future was later united with ELBA’s. We are talking about “Rudolf Kissling and Son” which in 1925 was renamed LUMINA − Romanian Factory for Chandeliers.

The merger of DURA and LUMINA

In 1930, during the peak of the economic crisis, DURA and LUMINA merged and formed “Uzinele Dura”.

The nationalisation of DURA

During the interwar crisis, “DURA” merged with other similar companies, and, in 1948, it was nationalised, taking on the name of ELECTROBANAT.

The company is named ELBA

Shortly after the fall of the communism, in 1990, the company changed its name to S.C. ELBA S.A., and five years later it became an entirely private company.

Philips and Elba Street Lighting comes about

In 1997, Elba took part at the foundation of a mixt company destined for street lighting, in partnership with the Dutch corporation Philips, under the new name of Philips and Elba Street Lighting S.R.L.

Evolution - a constant in ELBA’s existence

Three years later, ELBA became a shareholder, together with the French company Plastique du Val de Loire, of Elbromplast, a plastic injection company. Its partnerships did not come to a stall then, the most recent one being the partnership with VALEO INJECTION, a plastic injection company specialised in the automotive industry.


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