Industrial lighting is able to lower operating costs due to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting technology

LED lighting fixtures for industrial spaces – advantages over conventional lighting products

The main direct and indirect benefits of optimised  and innovative industrial lighting are: improved visibility, modern aesthetics, better morals of employees, eye strain decrease (particularly for activities implying verification), increased safety, improved quality control and less waste in the production lines.

A major focus of ELBA Lighting when designing the new range of products for 2017-2018 was to optimise the energy consumption, to better productivity and safety.

LED lighting fixtures cut energy consumption by 70%, extend the life of the system (for about 50 000 hours), minimise maintenance requirements.Customised lighting design improves safety and increases energy savings, positively impacting productivity.

There is potential for major savings for most industrial buildings by replacing current conventional lighting systems with more efficient lighting fixtures.

ELBA Lighting – Energy conservation and productivity maximisation for industrial sector

A very important goal for ELBA Lighting is to take part in reducing the carbon footprint and to limit the environmental impact, according to COP2021. In this respect, our product manufacturing technologies exclude pollutants (mercury and other harmful elements). In the constructive solutions were also removed emission of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Elba industrial lighting products meet safety requirements while maximising productivity and energy conservation. In the process of their production, we pay special attention to factors that determine lighting quality: contrast, brightness, light distribution patterns and colour rendering.

ELBA’s offer for industrial buildings include lighting fixtures built to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, shocks, and which are also environmentally friendly.

Innovation – in industrial lighting, powered by ELBA Lighting

You must analyse carefully the costs across every process if you consider remaining a powerful player in the industry sector. By replacing your lighting requirements with energy efficient products and controls, you can reduce drastically the energy consumption.

ELBA bases its success on product innovation, high quality control, reliability and a high level of services.

See the range of ELBA products for industrial lighting 2017-2018 by accessing the products catalogue:

ELBA Lighting – Industrial Lighting Catalog – 2017-2018



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