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APOLLO LED family of luminaries represents the solution for the challenges that the authorities are confronted – to ensure the people security, saving on the same time energy, and decreasing the maintenances costs.

The luminaire APOLLO LED combines a distinct design with high-quality lighting and fits perfectly in the urbane architecture.

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APOLLO is a range of modern luminaries for road lighting with last generation lighting sources with increased lifetime, being equipped with high performance LED modules.
APOLLO is energy efficient and has a positive impact on the environment.

The high-performance optical system with uniform light distribution allows the replacement of HID solutions without compromising the spacing, the mounting height and the quality of the light.
Does not require interventions for lamp replacements, and the metallic housing ensures recycling.
The mounting on a console or top pole, and the dimensional variants, allows flexible arrangements.
Road and street lighting for: major, local, secondary roads, with ME2, ME3, ME4, ME5, ME6, S1÷S6, lighting-class according to SR EN 13201. . Residential lighting including alleys, sidewalks, parks, pedestrian crossings/passages, parking areas, railway stations, bus terminals, large public areas.

Light source

  • Power LEDs with specialized optics for road, pedestrian, and residential lighting, with colour temperature CCT warm-white 3000K, CRI≥80, or neutral-white 4000K , CRI≥80 for the pedestrian traffic variant, with a long lifetime, at Ta=25ºC L80B10 > 115.890 hours.
  • On request, the luminaire could be equipped with LEDs with colour temperature cool-white 5700K, 5000K CRI≥70, neutral-white 4000K, or warm-white 3000K, CRI≥70.
  • The system with LEDs included in the product could replace or is equivalent to:
    o APOLLO-01 LED: high-pressure mercury lamps HME 80W, HME 125W, compact fluorescent lamps TC-L 36W 2x24W, high-pressure sodium lamps HST 50W, HST 70W, HST 100W, metal halide lamps HIT 70W.

A modern luminaire, with LEDs as light sources. Reduced energy consumption. Longer lifetime. Environmentally friendly. Ideal for replacement of street luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps or metal halide lamps. Reduced maintenance costs. There are not necessary interventions for light source replacements during exploitation.


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Name APOLLO 01 LED 2305LM 16.6W 830
Assembly type On poles
Types of gear Adjustable, Ecological products, Efficient, Electronical ballast, Standard
Light distribution Direct distribution
Type of lamp LED module
Power from 10 to 100
Number of sources LED module
Level of protection IP66
Product code on request
Rated voltage [V] 230
Active power [W] 16,6
Power factor ≥0,95
Class of protection against electric shock I
Weight [Kg] 4,5
Total initial brut LED flux [lm] 2305
Total luminous efficiency [lm/W] 139
Product type L
APOLLO-01 LED 500 633 281 149 Ф60 -Ф65mm



  • High-pressure die-cast aluminum housing, with a smooth surface, without striations, painted in an electrostatic field.
  • Mounting system with the integrated connecting piece, for fastening on the console or top pole, with index 0÷20° in step 5°: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°.
  • Transparent, flat, thermally treated, secured glass diffuser that disintegrates in small pieces when broken. The glass is fixed with screws.
  • Optical system:
    – designed to meet the requirements of the street lighting standard EN 13201, contains the power LEDs with specialized optics made of PMMA lenses for light beam orientation, with asymmetrical distribution, the same for each LED, specialized for road lighting, large spaces, pedestrian traffic, crossroads, pedestrian crossings function of the variant.
    – the light distribution does not be influenced by the occurrence of some LED defects, being complete distribution for each LED,
    – the number of LEDs: 24, 48, 64, 80 functions of the variant,
    – the total luminous flux of the luminaire will be given by the LED number and/or the current applied to the LED terminals,
    – the LED board is removable, fixed on the luminaire’s body, for low thermic resistance, the housing having the role of a passive cooler.
  • The optical compartment is apart from the electric gear compartment and both compartments could be opened easy, fast, with clamps, for fixing, for maintenance operations, or for replacements after the warranty period.
  • Gear (LED driver) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards.
  • LED Driver:
    – compatible with the LED type, dimmable, with programming possibility, DALI protocol,
    – CLO (Constant Lumen Output) system, that allows the light to be constantly maintained throughout the lifetime of the luminaire,
    – Allows communication with the control components of control systems through the DALI protocol,
    – Allows to reduce the luminous flux by 75% of the nominal flux value, in 1% steps,
    – Allows the maintaining of the luminous flux of LED light sources through the control system.
  • Protections:
    – Thermic protection, the LED module is equipped with a thermistor, NTC(DRIVER),
    – Device for surge protection: L-N, 10kV integrated in the luminaire,
    – Short-circuit protection.
  • Colour: grey, or RAL colours on the customer’s request.


  • The mounting system for pole
    – With an integrated connecting piece from the end of the luminaire housing, allows the mounting on console, pipe or boom or top pole Ф60 -Ф65mm.
    – is with adjustable incline, in 4 steps of 5°, up to 20°: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° both on the top pole or console mounting.
  • APOLLO-01 LED:

Wind-surface(frontal)=0,14 m²;
Wind-surface (lateral) =0,052 m².

Technical features

  • Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz.
  • Surrounding temperature range: -40˚C…+ 50˚C
  • Relative humidity: till 80% at the temperature of + 20˚C.
  • Protection degree: IP66 for the optical compartment, IP66 for the electric gear compartment.
  • Mechanical impact resistance: IK08
  • The luminaire is manufactured according to the requirements of the standards: SR EN 60598-1 + A11, SR EN 60598-2-3.

Compliance with the European Directives

  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
  • RoHS Directive. WEEE Directive.


Photometric data APOLLO-01 24LED
Light distribution diagram [Cd/1000lm]


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