ARIA-LED is a range of products designed for general indoor lighting of large areas, industrial plants, warehouses, commercial spaces, and which are equipped with the last generation LEDs and efficient optical
systems. That competitive solution offers significant energy savings and a long lifetime.

The combination of the last generation LED technology and the best quality optical systems made from ARIA LED a flexible solution, easy to install no matter the location that creates a perfect light effect and could be used in combination with different lighting control systems.

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  • Aluminum body.
  • Diffuser from the transparent secured glass.
  • The optical system contains the power LED’s with optics that ensure a wide light distribution.
  • LED driver with dimming protocol DALI. (DA)
  • Mounting system with tilting facility for easy orientation of the luminous flux with index with 20˚ step.
  • Surge protection: Line-Earth 6kV, Line-Line 4kV.
  • Gear (LED driver) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards.
  • Colour: grey.

Light source

  • Last generation medium-power LEDs, colour temperature neutral-white 4000K CRI=80, CRI=80, with a long lifetime, at Ta=25ºC:
B10 B50
L70 L80 L90 L70 L80 L90
121.000 hours >75.000 hours >35.000 hours >140.000 hours >87.000 hours >40.000 hours
  • On request, the product could be equipped with LEDs with colour temperature cool-white 5700K, or warm-white 3000K, CRI=70.
  • The LED system included in the product could replace or is equivalent with projectors with:
    – V1: high-pressure sodium lamps HST 250W, high pressure metal halide lamps HIT 250W
    – V2: high-pressure mercury lamps HME 400W, high-pressure sodium lamps HSE 250W, high pressure metal halide lamps HIT 250W.
    – V3: high-pressure sodium lamps HST 150W, HSE 150W, high pressure metal halide lamps HIE 150W.


  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive.

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Name ARIA-01 GEN3 96 LED /500 4000K DA
Assembly type Projectors, Suspended, Visible mounted on the ceiling, Visible mounted on the wall
Types of gear Ecological products, Efficient, Electronical ballast
Light distribution Direct distribution
Type of lamp LED module
Power from 20 to 100
Number of sources LED module
Level of protection IP66
Product code 35617379
Rated voltage [V] 230
Rated power [W] 49
Power factor 0.95
Class of protection against electric shock I
Weight [Kg] 5,8
Total initial net LED flux [lm] 7943
Total luminous efficiency [lm/W] 162
Product type L [mm] l [mm] h [mm]
ARIA-01 LED 437 234 200




Technical features

  • Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz.
  • Ambient temperature ta=25˚C.
  • Surrounding temperature range: -40˚C ÷ + 50˚C.
  • Relative humidity: 80% at the temperature of +20°C.
  • Jolt resistance: 1000 ±10 jolts, acceleration of 10g, duration of impulse: 16ms, according to SR EN
  • Glow wire test: 650°.
  • The luminaire is manufactured according to the standards: SR EN 60598-1, SR EN 60598-2-1, SR EN
    60598-2-5, SR EN 62031.


  • On surface with fixed frame and screws 2xM8, 1xM12. The mounting frame is included in the product;
  • On request: Suspended with Gripple steel cable.

Variants on request

  • Suspended with Gripple steel cable. Code 03117364.
  • Projector type mounting on pole/pipe Ø60÷Ø76mm with fixing support. Code 03113844
  • With dimmable driver – DALI.
  • With PIR sensor (for the variant equipped with DALI driver)
  • With movement sensor (for the variant equipped with DALI driver)
  • With kit DALI PROXIMITY SENSOR – Compact control module with ambient light sensor and motion
    sensor for 10 products. The product needs separate wiring. The sensor is mounted outside the
    product. Mounting height max.16m. (for the variant equipped with DALI driver

Compliance with the European Directives

  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive

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