Architectural lighting


FIX-LIGHT LED is a range of projectors equipped with last generation LEDs and efficient optical systems, it is a competitive solution that offers significant energy savings.

That range of products was designed to offer an optimum light effect – from intense decorative lighting to accentuating effects.

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The combination of the latest generation LED technology and the best quality optical systems, made from FIX-LIGHT LED a completely flexible solution – easy to install no matter the location that creates a perfect lighting effect.


Architectural lighting for: buildings, gardens, parks, statues.

Light sources

  • Power LEDs with colour temperature neutral-white 4000K, CRI≥70, with a long lifetime, at Ta=25ºC, with a long lifetime L90B50 of minimum 60.000 hours at Ta=25ºC.
  • On the client’s request, the product could be equipped with LEDs with colour temperature neutral-white 4000K CRI≥70, warm-white 3000K, CRI≥70, cool-white 5000K, 5700K, 6500K, CRI≥70.
  • FIX-LIGHT-02 LED could replace projectors with: halogen QT-DE 12 500W, metal halide lamps HIT 100W, high-pressure sodium lamps HST 100W.


Reduced energy consumption, prolonged lifetime, easy installation, environment-friendly, reduced maintenance costs. There are not necessary interventions for lamp replacements during exploitation.

Variants on request

  • The function of the optical system there could be obtained narrow or wide luminous flux distributions:
    – projector type light distribution: small 10º, medium 25º, large 60º,
    – without an optical system ( without lenses).
  • Equipped with LEDs with colour temperature
    – warm-white 727=2700K 70CRI, 730 = 3000K 70CRI,
    – neutral-white 740 = 4000K 70CRI,
    – cold white 750 = 5000K 70CRI, 757 = 5700K 70CRI, 765 = 6500K 70CRI .
  • Housing painted black.
  • With dimmable driver protocol DALI.
  • With dimmable driver.


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Name FIX LIGHT 02 48LED 52W 7000LM 10⁰ 740
Assembly type Projectors
Types of gear Ecological products, Efficient
Light distribution Direct distribution
Type of lamp LED module
Power from 1 to 20
Number of sources LED module
Level of protection IP65
Product code 47606014
Rated voltage [V] 230
Active power [W] 52
Power factor ≥0,97
Class of protection against electric shock I
Weight [Kg] ~3
Total initial brut LED flux [lm] 7000
Total luminous efficiency [lm/W] 135
Product type L [mm] l [mm] h [mm]
Fix-Light 02 234 309 62


  • Aluminum body painted.
  • Transparent thermally secured glass diffuser.
  • The optical system contains the power LEDs and the specialized lenses that meet the requirements for architectural lighting.
  • The function of the optical system there could be obtained narrow or wide luminous flux distributions: small 10º, medium 25º, large 60º.
  • Gear (electronic LED driver) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards.
  • Dimmable driver with DALI protocol for the variants DALI.
  • Colour: white.


  • Visible. The facilities for the projector mounting allow an easy focus of the light beam toward the target

Technical features

  • Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz.
  • Environment temperature range: -30˚C ÷ + 40˚C
  • Relative humidity: 80% at the temperature of +20˚C.
  • Vibration resistance: amplitude -1,5mm; frequency 4÷10Hz; duration -2 hours; duration of scavenging: 30 seconds.
  • Jolt resistance according to SR EN 60068-2-29: 1000 ±10 jolts, acceleration of 10g, duration of impulse: 16ms.
  • Mechanical impact resistance: IK07.
  • The luminaire is manufactured according to the standards SR EN 60598-1, SR EN 60598-2-5.

Compliance with the European Directives

  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
  • RoHS Directive. WEEE Directive.

Preliminary data


Preliminary photometric data FIX-LIGHT-
02 LED
Light distribution diagram [Cd/1000lm]


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