Signaling and emergency lighting


Obstruction light with red filter LBDFR-02

LBDFR-02  is a double signalling light designed to indicate with light the presence of high obstructions objects (such as radio, television, communication line towers, chimney stacks), and is intended to avoid the collision of the flying vehicle (airplanes, helicopters, etc.) with these obstacles.

Type: Low Intensity Obstacle Light Type A – over 10cd. Continuous Burning Obstruction Light.

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  • Two bodies made of pressure cast aluminium (one main unit and one spare unit).
  • Diffusers (filters) made of red polycarbonate.
  • Frames made of pressure cast aluminium, which fastens the polycarbonate diffusers.
  • Gear box made of pressure cast aluminium that contains a change-over relay in order to switch on the reserve lamp, when the main lamp fails, and also signalling, on the same time, the disturbance on the operator’s control panel.
  • Colour: yellow, diffuser: red.


Luminous beacon to mark during the night obstacle up to 45m height from the soil that may present hazard to aircraft. It will be mounted on buildings being at up to 3000 m altitude.

Lighting source

  • Incandescent lamp Traffic Signalling A65 TRAFFIC 6938E 100W/230V


Certificat conformitate LBDFR-02

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Name LBDFR-02-2x100W
Assembly type On poles
Light distribution Direct distribution
Type of lamp Incandescent lamps
Power from 20 to 100
Number of sources 2
Level of protection IP54
Rated voltage [V] 230
Freq. [Hz] 50
Rated power [W] 1×100
Class of protection against electric shock I
Weight [Kg] 7,85


Product type D (mm) L (mm) l (mm) h (mm)
LBDFR-02-2x100W 189 496 240 475


Technical features

  • Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz.
  • Environment temperature: -30 ̊C ÷ + 35 ̊C
  • Relative humidity: until 80% at the temperature of +20 ̊C
  • Saline fog: 48 hours according to SR EN 60068-2-11, Ka method.
  • Cold storage resistance: 2 hours at -33 ̊C, according to SR EN 60068-2-1, Ab method.
  • Resistance to cod-stability in use: 2 hours at -25 ̊C according to SR EN 60068-2-1, Ad method.
  • Jolt resistance: 1000 ±10 jolts, acceleration of 10g, duration of impulse: 16ms, according to SR EN 60068-2-29
  • Mechanical vibration: 30Hz, acceleration 0.5g, during two hours
  • The luminaire is manufactured according to the requirements of the luminaire standard SR EN 60598-1


  • The product will be fastened through a collar on a pole with Φ60 mm diameter.

Compliance with European Directive

  • Low Voltage Directive
  • RoHS Directive. WEEE Directive

Date fotometrice LBDFR-02

Photometric data LBDFR-02-1x100W

Light distribution diagram [Cd]
The light intensity emitted by the obstruction light with red filter LBDFR-02 is at least greater than 10 Cd red light in the upper hemisphere.


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