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LINETA NOVA is a specially designed luminaire, for easy, rapid plugging, and connecting of more products, in order to realise a complete lighting system for working spaces, with different sizes and geometries.

The new range of LED products, LINETA-04 LED could be used for replacement of classical fluorescent luminaires, in general lighting applications, and offers the optimal solution both for quality lighting, and for a significant decrease of energy and maintenance spending, ensuring a good investment repayment.
The product is equipped with a round opal white diffuser (Dr), especially designed and developed for luminaires equipped with LEDs, in order to ensure a comfortable working environment.

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  • The lighting system with pre-wired rails with 5 or 7 wires of 2.5mm² or 1.5mm² is equipped with mechanical and electrical coupling elements that allow an easy and fast connection of more luminaires in a continuous line.
  • The trunking profile is on galvanized pre-painted sheet.
  • The guiding system of wiring and the overall size of the trunking allow the increasing of wires number for supplying other equipment.
  • The rail system ensures a large flexibility, allowing the coupling with a large variety of interchangeable components. The tray system allows a power supply in three phases of maximum: 12A each phase for conductors of 2.5 mm² and 10A on phase for conductors of 1.5 mm².
  • The mains power supplying of each line is made through a female wiring connector with 7 respectively 5 pole that must be ordered separately one for each line (luminaire row).
  • The connection to the power supply must be made only from the wiring connector (the floating connector). The supplying of the line must be made thus as, when decoupling a unit, there must not be by in any case power supply on the wiring connector, even when the line system is plugged (is connected to the power supply).
  • If it is necessary the plugging in the middle of the line, that is possible by plugging the connector by passing the conductors through the hole with the passing gasket from the rail.
  • Each row ends with a final (F) rail, for example: SC 2xM58-7-2,5 F.
  • On the tray segment there could be fitted one or two gear modules.
  • At the coupling of the gear modules on the rail it is used a special connector that allows the fast phase selection.
  • The mechanical connection of the gear modules on the tray is made with a rosette and index cam system that could fast attach with a bayonet system and the optical sub-unit.
  • To enclose the rail and the reflectors from the ends of the rows, there are: plastic caps for closing the rail profile.
  • The rail cap is from plastic material, with fast mounting, without fixing elements.
  • The rail segments are fixed: suspended using O-type suspensions, and visible on ceiling using a simple suspension clamp. The maximum distance between suspensions brackets is 2500 mm.
  • The optical system is simple or double asymmetric with lenses for an optimal light distribution.
  • Gear (electronic driver) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards.
  • Colour: white.


General indoor lighting for continuous line mounting. Lighting for supermarkets, industrial assembling rooms, stores, warehouses.

Light sources

  • Power LEDs, colour temperature neutral-white 4000K, lifetime L70B50: >50,000 hours at Ta=25ºC, (CRI)Ra>80.
  • On request the product could be equipped with LEDs with colour temperature cool-white day-light 5000K CRI)Ra>80 or warm-white 3000K CRI)Ra>90.
  • The LED system included in the product could replace or is equivalent with fluorescent lamps T8 18W Ø26mm, T5 14W Ø16mm.

Variants on request

Please see the Technical sheet for all the available variants.



Luminaire for continuous line mounting. Energy savings. Ideal for replacement of fluorescent luminaires. Easy installation and maintenance. Reduced maintenance costs. There are not necessary interventions for light sources replacements.


  • Low Voltage Directive.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
  • RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive.


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