Luminaire for general indoor lighting, designed for office buildings, classrooms, waiting rooms.

It presents a steel sheet body, which ensures the integration of the luminaire in the decor, and a perforated steel sheet diffuser. The mounting is recessed in false ceiling and the mirrored aluminium sheet reflector minimizes the risk of glare effect. On request could be equipped with PUSH-IN connection block.

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  • Steel sheet body painted with epoxypolyesteric white powder.
  • Mirrored aluminium steel sheet reflector with a reflection factor >0.85.
  • Perforated steel sheet mask painted with white powder.
  • Gear (electronic ballast) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards.
  • Colour: white.


General indoor lighting. Public buildings, commercial areas, schools. Lighting for offices with computer monitors.

Light source

  • Fluorescent compact lamps TC-L 4pin 2G11.


Certificat odeon-03-255_HFP_reflector_oglindat

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Name ODEON-03-255 HFP (mirrored reflector)
Assembly type Recessed in the ceiling
Types of gear Efficient, Electronical ballast
Light distribution Direct distribution
Type of lamp Fluorescent lamps, TC-L (2G11)
Power from 20 to 100
Number of sources 2
Level of protection IP40
Rated power [W] 2×55
Power factor cos φ  ≥0.96
Class of protection against electric shock I
Weight [Kg] 4,50


Product type L (mm) m (mm) l (mm) H (mm) n (mm)
ODEON-03-255 595 600 595 119 600


Technical features

  • Rated voltage:: 230V/50Hz
  • Surrounding temperature -5 ̊C…+ 35 ̊C
  • Relative humidity: till 80% at the temperature of + 20 ̊C
  • Saline fog: 48 hours according to SR EN 60068-2-11
  • Jolt resistance: 1000±10jolts, acceleration of 10g, duration of impulse: 16ms, according to SR EN 60068-2-29.
  • Glow-wire test: 960 ̊C
  • Mechanical impact resistance: IK07
  • The luminaire is manufactured according to the requirements of the luminaire standards SR EN 60598-1, SR EN 60598-2-2.


  • Recessed. Set on the false modular ceiling profiles with the module dimensions 600x600mm.

Variants on request

  • On request could be equipped with:
    • PUSH-IN connector (PI).

Compliance with the European Directives

  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive

Fotometrie odeon-03-255_HFP_reflector_oglindat

Photometric data ODEON-03-255

CIE:31 64 92 100 48 UTE: 0.48G
Light distribution diagram [Cd/1000lm]


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