Projectors for large spaces


The product Premium Lux LED is designed for general indoor lighting for rooms or protected spaces with medium height.

That offers to the customers all the benefits of lighting with LEDs from a trusted manufacturer – quality light, longer lifetime and the decrease of power consumption and maintenance. On the same time, that offers important advantages for the installation personnel, which does not need to open the luminaire.

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It is a modern luminaire with LED module.

  • The projector has a simple, robust construction and it is easy to install and maintain.
  • The body of the projector is made of steel sheet, in welded construction, painted with powder.
  • Straps for mounting made of painted steel, that allow a fast and easy mounting.
  • The construction of the projector stands out with the optical unit – mirrored aluminium sheet, LED modules, and with the gear unit (electrical gear (driver) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards).
  • Thermo-secured glass that protects the optical compartment.
  • Gear (electronic driver) included in the product and manufactured according to the specific standards.
  • Connection box.
  • Colour: white.


Indoor lighting for rooms or protected spaces with medium height (up to 6-8m): industrial plants, sport halls, commercial spaces, petrol stations, and so on.

Sursa de lumină utilizată

  • Power LEDs: white colour temperature cool-white 5700K, CRI ≥70, which ensures a wide light distribution.
  • On request the product could be equipped with LEDs with colour temperature neutral-white 4000K or warm-white 3000K.
  • The use of LEDs ensures a long lifetime L70B50, of over 50.000 hours at Ta=25 C, and a reduced power consumption.
  • The LED system included in the product could replace or is equivalen twith projectors with: high pressure mercury lamps HME 250W, high pressure metal halide lamps HIE 150W, HIT 150W, high pressure sodium lamps HST 150W.


Certificat premium-lux-12-led-aparent

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Choose model
Assembly type Recessed, Visible mounted on the wall
Types of gear Ecological products, Efficient, Electronical ballast
Light distribution Direct distribution
Type of lamp LED module
Power from 100 to 2000
Number of sources LED module
Level of protection IP41
Rated power [W] 104
Total initial brut LED flux [lm] 118
Class of protection against electric shock I
Total luminous efficiency [lm/W] 118
Weight [Kg] 12,5



Product type L (mm) m (mm) l (mm) H (mm) n (mm)
PREMIUM LUX 12 LED VISIBLE 500 330 338 132 320


Technical features

  • Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz.
  • Surrounding temperature: -20 ̊C ÷ + 35 ̊C
  • Relative humidity: 80% at the temperature of +20°C.
  • Jolt resistance: 1000 ±10 jolts, acceleration of 10g, duration of impulse: 16ms, according to SR EN 60068-2-29.
  • The luminaire is manufactured according to requirements of the standards SR EN 60598-1, SR EN 60598-2-1.


  • The product has straps for mounting made of painted steel, that allow a fast and easy mounting
  • Visible with screws or suspended on chain or rods. The mounting accessories are not included in the product.

Compliance with the European Directives

  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive

Fotometrie premium-lux-12-led-aparent

Photometric data

Light distribution diagram [Cd/1000lm]


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