ELBA, partner for developing components based on moulding injection

Favourable conditions have been set up to consolidate ELBA’s positioning on the components production market for the auto industry and to seize new opportunities, by supplying new production capacities and by creating a sustainable platform for future developments.

ELBA producator de componente pentru industria auto

Design, development and industrial support

The production streams have been optimised and adapted to the new technologies in order to satisfy the quality requirements of the clients. We now have the possibility of producing prototypes and performing lab tests according to the parameters set by the client, as well as executing matrices and tools destined for mouldings injection. And for all the activities that do not belong to the spheres of our experience, we have the opportunity to subcontract them.

Sub-assembly components production

Mouldings injection – the production of pieces made of mouldings through injection technology based on unicolour, bicolour, tricolour injection machines in semiautomatic, automatic or programmed mode. The moulding injected parts are: cases, reflectors, dispersers, frames for car headlights and lamps, other parts (reflectors, repeaters). We use granule-shaped mouldings, heated in special installations and then injected under pressure in injection tools and matrices.

Covers – means realizing the chemical and decorative protection of the pieces that make up the auto lamps and headlights. Within this department, technological procedures with chemicals take place, among which stand aluminisation and varnishing. The procedure of spotlight aluminisation consist of placing an aluminium layer in vacuum on special installations.


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