ELBA laboratories, a unique regional center

In order to sustain quality, all products are verified and tested in specialised laboratories: electromechanical, photometrical, metrological and chemical laboratory.

Laboratoarele ELBA pentru omologare si validare

We use testing and verification methods imposed by international standards. Our laboratories are accredited by RENAR, in accordance with SR EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Photometrical laboratory

Within this laboratory, we perform photometrical and colormetric testings, as well as specific measurements for lighting devices, according with CE standards. Nowadays, the laboratory holds Notification Certificate no. 02/2014 through which the Romanian Auto Registry attests that the Photometrical Laboratory “Electrobanat” satisfies the requirements of the Framework Directive 2007/46/CE and it is able to perform research and testing activities.

The Photometrical Laboratory Elecrobanat is accredited to perform the following tests:

  1. Reflectance determination
  2. Transmittance determination
  3. Determination of the distribution of the light intensity of the lighting devices
  4. Determination of the absorbed current, of the power and luminous flux of the light sources
  5. Determination of the light intensity distribution
  6. Determination of the photometric performances of the retroreflective devices
  7. Determination of the luminance
  8. Determination of the trichromatic coordinates and of the transmittance
  9. Determination of the trichromatic coordinates

Electromechanical laboratory

Electrical, mechanical, thermal tests which determines the characteristics and compliance of products, are made ​​in the electromechanical laboratory. Electromechanical Laboratory performs all type of testing from European standard EN 60598-1:2005, pertaining to lighting fixtures, and so can be verified if it respected essential security requirements as provided by the European Directive for low power equipements. Laboratory test reports issued by Electromechanical Laboratory is part of CE marking file of SC ELBA SA products.

Types of testing in the Electromechanical Laboratory:

  1. Labeling test
  2. Internal and external cable test
  3. Provisions for earthing
  4. Protection against electrocution test
  5. Insulation resistance test
  6. Dielectric rigidity test
  7. Checking creepage distances and clearances
  8. Vibrations resistance test and vibrations stability informal
  9. Salt fog resistance test
  10. Noise level test
  11. Screw terminals test
  12. Screwless terminals and electric connection test
  13. Climatic test
  14. Construction test
  15. Protection test against dust, solid bodies and water penetration
  16. Humidity test
  17. Endurance and warming-up test

Specific tests for automotive industry:

  1. Impact test
  2. Mechanical impact test
  3. High pressure water test (Karcher test)
  4. Grit test

In the Electromechanical Laboratory can be performed tests for products and equipements from electrotechnical industry, automotive industry and other fields of industrial activity.

Chemical laboratory

This chemical laboratory is used for analysis and testing to measure the properties or reactions of various products and substances

Specific tests for automotive industry:

  1. Attack with chemical reagents
  2. Resistance to environmental cycle test
  3. Measurement of varnish gloss and paint films

Metrological laboratory

The metrological laboratory is responsible for testing and calibration for several areas, such as temperature, pressure, length, mass , power , electronics etc.

Object and area of activity:

Standard gauge; Rigid ruler, semi-rigid or flexible made from metal or other material; Caliper for external, internal, depth, mechanical and digital; Mechanical or digital micrometer; Mechanical measuring clock; Digital measuring clock; Coating thickness measuring device; Straightness and flatness control board; Weights; Automatic weighing apparatus; Torque wrench and screwdriver; Pressure gauges with elastic element; Machine / device for static hardness testing methods: Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knopp; Shore Apparatus for measuring the hardness of static plastic; Liquid glass thermometer; Digital thermometer; Resistance thermometer; Thermocouple, Indicator and / or temperature simulator; Thermostatic site; Thermometer / Room thermo-hygrometer; Manometric thermometers and metal; DC and AC ammeters; Digital multimeter; Analog Voltmeter DC and AC voltage; Resistor in decades; Megohmeter; Luxmeter; Portable laboratory conductivity-meter.


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