The quality delivered to the final client is sustained by services that are adapted to the producer’s needs

Impeccable services delivered due to the experience, continuous research and a technically efficient team

ELBA’s mission is to offer each client the products and services that he/she desires from the originality, quality and accessibility’s point of view. The experience in lighting design and production stands at the base of the skills acquired on the market.


We start with design, continue with development, industrial support, and finally we arrive at the production of the sub-assembly components.

Special projects

Some projects have to comply with special requirements, that we always manage to satisfy by producing personalised lighting devices.

Homologation and validation tests

Testing in diverse areas, such as photometrics, electromechanics, chemistry and metrology.


135 Paul Morand, Freidorf Industrial Park Timișoara, Timiș, Romania

Telephone +40 356 443 902