Design and development of personalised solutions and projects

We function through quality standardisation, and corresponding adaptation to the specific project requirements

Module cu LED ELBA


We have the necessary competeneces to design and execute devices outside our production programme as well as to execute metallic parts and sub-assemblies, parts painted with powders in an electrostatic field and moulding injected pieces. Being equipped with a plant lint for SMD electronical components, we can execute modules with LED and other electronical components.

Performant technology for each project

The wide range of software programmes used on high performance graphic stations and PCs ensures a high level of the quality of our services:

In order to obtain a high level of quality and reliability of matrices production, we use steels imported from Bohler, along with typified elements produced by other specialised companies, such as Hasco, Rabourdin or DME. The matrices are tested in normal functioning mode, optimising the parameters of flow, injection cycle, form and dimensions of the component. Depending on our client’s needs, we can produce preseries of the components.


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