Challenges as opportunities for evolution

The main ingredient of ELBA’s success is our well-balanced team, which, throughout time, managed to keep a coherent and strategic approach, as well as an innovative spirit.

Elba is the largest lighting fixtures manufacturer in Romania. The long-term success of the company is built on fundamental values – innovation, quality, and high performance. Our employees and clients are the key stakeholders of our activities which drive us to continuously improve and increase our competitiveness.

The Board of Directors consists of the Chairman, Alexandru Sere and the members: Maria Bailesteanu, Lucia Gheorghe, Marius Cocian, Florin Tulcan, Romolus Povian and Teodor Mermeze.

Alexandru Sere
General Manager

Since 1921 ELBA’s success was based on product innovation, technology, high standards in quality control, reliability, and the high-quality services provided to people, communities, institutions, and companies. Now, after 100 years of being a leader in lighting technology in Romania, the main aim is to convert ELBA into a reference in new lighting solutions worldwide.

Irina Dragomir
Finance Manager

The challenges of a highly dynamic and competitive economic environment, have determined us to refocus our energy and to employ all our competencies to achieve a high level of performance in the lighting industry.

Manuel-Silviu Ştirbeţ
C.I.A. / AUTOMOTIVE Factory Manager

The global and national automotive industry went through radical changes during the last years. ELBA showed leader skills in this area. Our aim is to always be the number one choice for our clients, for each and every product. We want to be a mark of operational excellence and high standards of production for this industry.

Cristian Mucenicu
C.I.L. / LIGHTING Factory Manager

The light technology is our passion. We innovate, produce and deliver lighting systems and products at the highest standards and levels of innovation. We want to actively contribute to the success and well-being of our clients and define the future technologies of our industry.

Stefan Curescu
S.D.V. / MOLDING Factory Manager

Innovation, manufacturing excellence and the constant improvement of our technological processes are our top priorities that guarantee our capacity of delivering products of the highest quality to our clients. We embrace speedily and rigorously the latest process standards from the industry in order to help ELBA remain number one.

Nicolae Indrie
Quality - Environment Manager

ELBA has always been committed to respecting the clients’ demands, the legal standards and regulations. We continuously improve our quality, environmental and security management systems, and we implement these in order to ensure a lasting and sustainable development of our products and services.

Ciprian Voștinar
Purchases - Logistics Manager

We are continuously and actively developing new acquisition and suppliers identification strategies to support the objectives of our company. In order to purchase the necessary material and equipment in a dynamic and competitive environment, we focus on the price-quality ratio management.

Monica Bădău
Human Resources Manager

The pleasure of working at ELBA, the respect towards our employees and the development of the career are the fundamental principles that guide all Human Resources’ activities. We are entirely dedicated to developing a culture of a high-level of performance and meritocracy, that can support the growth and progress of our company.


135 Paul Morand, Freidorf Industrial Park Timișoara, Timiș, Romania

Telephone +40 356 443 902